The Haunted Highway
Ghost Hunting Equipment

When it comes to ghost hunting, your equipment list can be as simple or as extravagant as your budget and personal preference will allow.  Some of the most widely used tools include flashlights, cameras (both 35mm and digital), electromagnetic field detectors(EMF), digital recorders, thermometers, motion detectors, and notebooks, just to name a few.  Most of these items vary in price and quality and in most cases, you get what you pay for.  For example, a regular tape recorder will cost less than a digital one, but will have a background noise.  
Always remember to carry extra batteries also.  Most of these pieces of equipment require the use of batteries, and you want to be prepared for whatever may happen.

Some of my personal ghost hunting tools include a  CELLSENSOR Gaussmeter, which is an EMF meter in the price range of around $35.00, an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder with Visual Indexing, which costs about $100.00, a Canon SureShot 35mm camera somewhere in the $75.00 price range, and a digital camera that also doubles as a webcam which was about $50.00. I have also used a Panasonic Palmcorder before for video taping.  So you see, you don't have to be a millionare to have decent equipment.  For around $250.00, you can have enough to get started until you can gradually increase your inventory.


EMF readings of 2 to 7 mG are indicative of  possible spirit activity

The Haunted Highway